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Kid’s Playfest

When we moved to reach out to a community, the Lord has impressed to us the presence of children in the area. That we could start a ministry in the community by organizing a KIDS PLAYFEST.

Hoping to plant a Cell Group in the place, we begin praying for the said activity. Spiritual preparation is a must.

How did we do the PLAYFEST? We desired to serve the kids and eventually reaching out to their parents.

– We did a series of promotion.
– Enlisted children who wanted to join the playfest with their parents consent.
– More than 70 kids were listed and we GROUPED them into four (4) teams.
– The Children’s ministry staff prepared Ten Parlor Games with its rules of play.
– We prepared snack which we distributed after the PLAYFEST.
– We also prepared gifts for the winners.


– Parents were there during the PLAYFEST. An opportunity to bridged the gap to the community.
– Since we did it every other month, some parents volunteered to help in the preparation of food. We have entered their area of influence.
– As we visit the community, the people in the place became familiar with us and we had the chance to visit some households.
– After a couple of months, we have planted our Cell Group in the community.

I believe the Lord do love kids. And the kingdom is really for them. Reaching out to kids is a bridge to the community of adults.

Rev. Oscar P. Lopez Jr.

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