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Time Fillers

You never know when church might let out. We put together a folder of time filler ideas for our workers. It’s been a great resource to have in the classroom. Your teachers will appreciate the extra ideas to keep them going while waiting for the adult service to conclude. We’ve included:

Prayer Time Activities

–Example: For confession, have kids write on a slip of paper the name of someone they need to forgive. Then lead a prayer asking God to help each of them forgive his or her person. Then destroy the slips of paper.

Bible Games that teach about the makeup of the Bible

–Example: Give each team the same amount of Bibles and have a contest to see which team can find and read the verse you give to them first (sword drill)

Review Games to review the day’s lesson

–Example: In 30 seconds, have kids name as many things relevant to the lesson as they can.

Memory Verse Activities to help them learn the memory verse

–Example: Hide the Verse. Write the memory verse on an index card and pick one child to hide it in the room while everyone else closes their eyes with their faces to the wall. The person who finds the verse reads it aloud to everyone and then hide it again.

Silly Games

–Example: Silent Tic Tac Toe. This is a favorite of mine when I need a little quiet. We set up 9 chairs like a tic tac toe board and we have the boys and girls line up on separate teams. Then we play human tic tac toe. They take turns picking a seat, trying to win Tic Tac Toe. The catch? They can’t talk or point. They can’t in any way tell their classmates where to sit. The kids love this game! And it’s quiet time for the workers. :)

by Sheila Clark

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  1. Chasity V says:

    I am leading the craft room at our VBS this week and a few of the crafts do will not fill the whole time the kids are with me. Thank you so much for these ideas!

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