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Faithfulness During Tragic Times

SUPPLIES: silly putty, cartoon, newspaper with current event photos

(Flatten the silly putty across the cartoon as you begin talking to your class.)

Today’s lesson is about Joseph. Joseph’s life started out well; he was loved very much by his father. His father liked to do extra nice things for Joseph. During this time Joseph served God and God made promises to Joseph about his future. (Show silly putty with cartoon imprint.) The silly putty is going to represent Joseph and the pictures various parts of his life. Right now his life is going pretty well and it is easy to be faithful to God and believe God is with him.

(Roll silly putty into a ball and begin to flatten it across a photo of some tragedy, such as a car crash, earthquake wreckage, etc.) However, things did not stay good very long for Joseph. Joseph’s brothers hated him. They were jealous of his dreams and decided to sell him as a slave. Joseph spent about 10-15 years in prison. (Show new putty imprint of tragedy.) Joseph’s life became a picture of tragedy. However, just as the silly putty is still silly putty whether the picture is good or bad, Joseph remained faithful to God whether the picture of his life was good or bad. And whether life was good or bad, Joseph faithfully believed that God was still with him. And you know what? God was! God got Joseph out of prison and fulfilled the dreams He had given to him as a child!

Some of your lives may be like the tragic picture right now. A family member may be ill or without a job or struggling with an addiction. It is difficult to stay faithful to God and believe God is with you. But Joseph is the perfect example to us that even when life goes from being wonderful-like Joseph’s was when he was living with loving parents and having dreams from God-to absolutely awful-like Joseph’s was in prison-we, too, can be faithful to God knowing that He is still with us and that He will fulfill the promises or dreams He has given us. (Have special prayer for those students and teachers who are going through difficult or tragic circumstances to remain faithful to God, believing that He is with them and will fulfill His plans/dreams for their lives.)

Prayer Point: Pray for those going through tragic circumstances to know God is with them and remain faithful to God.

Also included in the Vault is the Bible Story on Joseph, “Faithfulness During Tragic Times.”

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