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Knowing God Changes Me

Supplies: a small currency bill, a larger currency bill
Ask for a volunteer. Show the volunteer and the class the two bills. Ask the volunteer which he wants. The child should respond by wanting the larger currency. Ask him which one he would want if he knew the larger currency bill was fake. What he knew changed his mind and then changed his actions.

What each of us knows about God should also change our decisions and actions. God has promised to always be with you. God always desires what’s best for you. Knowing that should change your thinking and actions. Tell me how it should change your thinking and actions. (Responses should be that knowing He wants what’s best for them would change their thinking by causing them to trust God to hear their prayers, to heal them, protect them, guide them, etc. Their actions would then change by praying for needs, listening to guidance, increasing their obedience, etc.)

In the same way, knowing that God is always with your should change your feelings from loneliness or fear to feelings of courage and protection; you would then act with obedience by not being lonely or not being afraid of witnessing or whatever God has asked you to do. Pick three or four students to take turns leading out in prayer about how knowing God is with them and wants the best for them will change their future actions. (For example, God, since you are always with me, I will trust you from now on to help me witness to my friends.

Prayer Point: Knowing God is with you or wants the best for you will change your future actions. A Bible Story on Jacob called, "Changed by Knowing God" is also available in the Vault.

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