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Seeking God’s Direction

SUPPLIES: auto repair book written by the manufacturer of the car, preferably
a sporty model that would catch the children’s interest

(Display the auto repair book to the class.) Pretend for a moment that you own this wonderful ______ (type car). If your car suddenly broke down and you wanted to repair it but didn’t own the repair manual made for it, would you borrow a ______ (different repair book for a totally different car by a different company) book from a friend to try to repair your car? Of course, not. (Have a student explain why.) You wouldn’t use a manual by a different auto manufacturer for a different car because that manufacturer didn’t make your car.

People often make that same type of mistake with their own lives. God is the one who created each of us and everything else that exists. Nothing exists that hasn’t been made from something God already created. Yet people, when looking for direction for their lives, wondering for their purpose in life, wanting to know how to fix their lives, fail to look to the One who created them and everything else, to the One who knows how all people and things and situations are to work together. Just as you would go to the manufacturer or creator of your car to take care of it or fix troubles with it, you should be even more wise about who you get directions from for your life. Go to your Creator. Go to the One who made your life and planned every day of it before you ever lived (Ps. 139:16). (Lead the class in a prayer asking forgiveness for not seeking God’s direction and commitment to seeking it in the future.)

Prayer Point: Your Creator has the direction for your life. Ask forgiveness for not seeking God’s direction. Commit to seeking it in the future.

A Bible Story of Abraham on "Following God’s Direction" is also available in the Vault.

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