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Ask the children if they know a person who has been very mean to them. An unkind person is sometimes called an enemy. Allow several children to tell things that an enemy might do. The list will probably include things such as: hitting, lying, stealing, talking hateful, making fun of others, and not sharing. Express to the class that none of us want to have enemies, people who treat us in the ways just mentioned, but we all want and need friends. Now allow the children to tell things that their friends do. The list will probably include things such as: sharing toys, helping clean up, talking nice to them, and saying funny things. Ask the children to raise their hands if they would like to do something kind to help their friends. Guide the children into understanding that some important ways to help their friends are: praying for them when they are sick, praying with them for their parents if their parents are arguing or planning on getting a divorce, helping them if they need food or clothes, and especially, telling their friends about Jesus so that their sins can be forgiven. Ask the children again to raise their hands if they want to help their friends. Then say that they can start helping them right now by praying for their friends. Tell them to think of their friend’s name so they can call it out during prayer. Begin to lead in a prayer asking God to help them remember to help their friends. Have them call out their friends’ names at the proper time. (For example, "Dear Lord, thank you for friends. Please help me to remember to help my friend, ________[all say a friend’s name], by praying for him or her about problems and by talking about Jesus.)

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