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Saying ‘Yes’ to God

Begin the session by having the children list things that they needed someone to help them with this week. You may want to list them on a chalkboard. State that we all need people’s help at times. Ask the children to respond as to how they would have felt if the person who helped them would have said, "No," when they needed help. (Go back through each instance the children mentioned.) Remind the children that there are many times when other people need their help, too, maybe cleaning up the house or yard, or carrying groceries, or straightening the songbooks in the church pews, etc. Impress upon the children that if they say, "No," not only are they saying no to that person, but to God. We don’t want to say no to other people or to God. God needs us to help people. We should always say a big, "Yes," when God needs us to help someone. Tell the children that the group is going to pray together now that God will help them think during today’s lesson of ways to help people. Lead the class in a prayer that God will help the children think of ways to help people so that they can begin saying "Yes" to God.

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