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Pick three children as volunteers; out of the three, be sure that one is able to tie shoes and another to button a shirt properly. Line up your three volunteers. Ask the first one to show the class how to tie his or her show. Have the second volunteer explain to the class how she brushes her teeth. Have the third volunteer, preferably a boy wearing a button up shirt; show how to button a shirt. Now have the group recite a club pledge or a pledge to the country’s flag. One by one, ask each of your volunteers how they learned what they showed the class, either the tying, buttoning, or brushing. Then ask the class as a whole how they learned to talk so they could say a pledge or talk like they are talking now. Guide the children in seeing that all these important abilities were learned from their families. If they did not have a family, how would they have learned to talk, or button a shirt, or brush their teeth, or tie a shoe? There wouldn’t have been anyone to teach them such important things. Ask the children if they are glad that God gave them their families. Allow response. Lead the children in a prayer thanking God for their families.

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