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Listening to God

Have the children be seated as normal to begin class. Begin speaking to the children in a whisper so that they will have to listen extra carefully to hear you. Tell the children that it is very important to know what to do during a fire so that everyone may escape safely. Then, continuing in a whisper, explain the guidelines for your particular building. For example, start out with the importance of being quiet, listening to the teacher, lining up in an orderly line at the door. Proceed to tell the children how to walk quickly, but orderly–staying in line–down the particular halls of your building to the exit. Now speak in your normal teaching voice. Make clear the point of how important it is to listen. If they did not listen closely to your instructions and were unable to act properly during a fire, they themselves and every child in the class could be in danger of not making it safely out of the building. Just as it is so extremely important to listen to the instructions of how to act during a fire, it is extremely important to listen closely to the instructions God gives us. God gives us instructions through His word, the Bible, and the voice of the Holy Spirit. The Bible tells us what God is like, how much He loves us, how He helps us; it also tells us how we should act toward others. The Holy Spirit teaches us by helping us understand what the Bible says. If we don’t carefully read God’s word (or have it read to us) or if we don’t carefully listen to the Holy Spirit teach us, we will miss instructions from God that are more important than even a fire drill. Let’s tell God now that we want to read His Word and listen to the Holy Spirit teach us. (Say a prayer with the children telling God that they want to listen to His important instructions by reading His Word each day.)

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