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Do You Trust God?

Have each child put on a blindfold. Tell them to be certain that they cannot see; it is very important to understand today’s lesson. Lead one child at a time to a different area of the room. If there are too many children, have them holds hands and lead the first child in line by the hand. After the experience is over, have the children remove the blindfolds and be reseated. Ask the following questions. Was it difficult to walk without seeing? Would it have been scary to walk blindfolded in a place you have never seen, such as a forest or a strange city? If you were in a strange place and not able to see, would you be scared if your parent or guardian was guiding you? Most likely not. Inform the group that they cannot see what they need to do or where they need to go for the rest of their lives, but there is Someone who knows all about it whom they can trust to guide them–their heavenly Father. Lead the class in a prayer confessing trust to their heavenly Father to guide them every day of their lives.

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