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SUPPLIES: draw a smiley face with a marker on a sheet of brightly colored paper
Ask how many of the children like smiley faces. Ask how many like to be happy. Express to the children that no one wants to be unhappy and God does not want anyone to be unhappy, either. Have the children respond to if they would be happy if they were sick, or lonely, or hurt, or in need of food or clothes? No, these things tend to make people unhappy. Remind the children that, since God doesn’t want anyone to be unhappy, He will help them in all these ways. When they are sick, He wants to heal them. When they are lonely, He wants to remind them that He is a friend that is always with them. If they are hurting, Jesus wants to comfort them. If they need food or clothing, He wants to give them what they need. They just need to ask Him. Allow each child a chance to pray out loud and ask Jesus to help them with whatever is making them unhappy.

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