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God Is Our Friend

Have the group stand up so they can move around so they can watch their shadows. You may want the children to make up their own actions or you may want to instruct the class as a whole to follow specific actions. Have the children comment as to whether or not they can get away from their shadows. After the group is reseated, remark to the children that their shadows are with them everywhere they go. Then ask how many of them would like to have a friend who could go with them everywhere they go, just like their shadow does. Impress upon the children that Jesus can be that friend. They cannot see Him right now; they will see Him soon. He is with them everywhere they go to be their very best friend. Give them examples such as follows. When they are somewhere and are ill, Jesus, their friend, is with them. If they are somewhere and are afraid, Jesus, their friend, is with them. If they are somewhere and are lonely, they don’t have to be because Jesus, their friend, is with them. Choose a couple of children to pray. Help them as needed to pray, telling God that they want Him to be their best friend, and to help them always remember that He is with them wherever they are.

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