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When introducing the topic of Creation, I usually start by emphasizing the point that there are two things that only God can do.

Firstly, although people are very clever, and can do such things like land a man on the moon, invent televisions or computers, they cannot make something out of nothing. Given starting materials, people can often change their properties – size, shape, colour, texture etc., but they cannot make something out of nothing – only God can do that.

Secondly, people cannot make something that is living out of something that is not living. Again, only God can do that.

I then proceed by stating that I am now going to re-create two of the creatures that God first created on the fifth and sixth days of the Creation week. I then make a balloon bird (or fish) and a balloon animal, continuing my talk as I do so. ( If you don’t do balloon modelling, you can still get your point across by simply cutting out appropriate shapes from pieces of paper).

As you make the shapes, emphasize that you are starting with something that already exists e,g. your uninflated balloon and some air. Then state that for anybody to make anything ( whether it be a watchmaker, a car-maker, a shoe-maker, or a balloon animal maker) only two things are needed – Know-how ( or intelligence ) and Power ( or energy ). Without power, your idea will remain only in your head, and without know-how (or an intelligent plan), you will just make a big mess!

As your models near completion, ask If I had more know-how, do you think I would make a better or worse model? The children will respond better. Then ask The Bible tells us that God has all know-how (He knows everything and is super-intelligent), so how good do you think God could make things? The children should respond very good or perfect. Then state That’s exactly right. The Bible tells us that in the beginning, God created a perfect world.

Then ask If I had more power, do you think I could make these models faster or slower than I can now? The response will be faster. Then ask All the power in the Universe belongs to God, so how fast do you think He could make things? The children should respond in a split second or instantly. State That’s exactly right. The Bible tells us that God not only created a perfect world, but He also made everything in it instantly – just by speaking.

Alternatively (for a younger class) you could simply produce a balloon animal which has already been made, and ask How do you think this model was made? Do you think it could have been made by accident? Perhaps someone left an uninflated balloon in this room last night, and left the window open. Overnight, the wind blew through the window and into the balloon. The balloon then began twisting itself round and round until it formed the shape of this animal which you see here now. Finally, the end of the balloon managed to tie itself in a knot to stop the air escaping. Do you think that really happened, or do you think that there is a balloon model maker somewhere who made this animal on purpose? The children should see the absurdity of the model being able to make itself by accident, and respond There is a balloon model maker somewhere. Emphasise the point that everything the children see around them has to have a maker. Watches need watchmakers, shoes need shoemakers, chairs need chairmakers etc. Nothing can make itself.

You will then be able to apply the above argument to the creation of the Universe and everything in it. State There are some people who believe thet the Universe made itself by accident. But the Universe is far more wonderful and complex than a balloon animal, and if even that couldn’t make itself, then how likely is it that the whole Universe made itself? No, the Bible teaches us that we have wonderful Creator who made the Universe and everything in it on purpose. And the good news is :- He made it all for our benefit.

by Maurice Sweetsur


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