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Obedience–Whether We Like it or Not

Have the children raise their hands if they would love to be able to live off of ice cream? Have the children raise their hands if they would love to play soccer (or another popular sport) all day long every day. Mention that sometimes we would rather do things that are not good for us more than of doing things that are good for us, such as eating ice cream instead of broccoli or playing instead of learning math. Eating ice cream all the time would make us sickly. Playing all day would eventually ruin our lives because we wouldn’t learn important things like reading, math, caring for people. Remark that none of them would do something like only eating ice cream because they know it wouldn’t be good for them. On the other hand, there will be times when they don’t feel like obeying God, similar to the times they don’t want to stop playing and go to school. Stress that just as eating right and learning are good for them, obeying God is always good for them. When they don’t feel like obeying God, they need to remember to do what is best for them. Obeying God is always the best thing to do. Lead the children in a prayer asking God to help them always choose to obey, even when they don’t feel like it.

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