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SUPPLIES: an article of clothing, a glass of water, a food item, picture of a house, a thermometer

Display the appropriate item while asking the group the following questions. If Jesus needed new clothes, would you give Him some? If Jesus was thirsty, would you give Him a glass of water? If Jesus was hungry, would you give Him food? If Jesus needed a place to sleep, would you let Him stay at your house? If Jesus was sick, would you visit Him? Do you know anyone who needs new clothes or food or a place to stay? Or someone who is sick and needs someone to visit them? Instruct the children that Jesus said that if anyone needs help and we don’t help them, it is like not helping Him. Or, if someone needs help and we help them, it’s like helping Him. Challenge the children to share what they have with anyone who needs help, because it is the same as helping Jesus. Then advise the children to pray that they will want to help everyone as much as they would want to help Jesus.

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