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God Forgives Us

SUPPLIES: broken vase or cookie jar (If you do not have one, an inexpensive one may be purchased at a thrift store and then broken)

Ask the children to raise their hands if they have ever broken something that belonged to a parent or grandparent. Ask the children to respond to if they broke the object on purpose or if it was a mistake. Have the children tell how they felt when they broke the object. (Display broken vase.) Express how we all make mistakes at times, even though we try not to. Explain that though we try to always obey God and do what is right, sometimes we make mistakes. Have the children tell you if they asked for forgiveness when breaking the object. Ask them if their parent or grandparent forgave them. Comment on how our family members forgive us when we make mistakes; they don’t stop loving us. Then reassure the children that when we make mistakes by not obeying God, He does not stop loving us, but we do need to ask His forgiveness. Have the children take a few moments to privately thank God for forgiving them and loving them even when they make mistakes. (Prayer for actual forgiveness will be at the close of the lesson.)


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