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Prayer and Protection

Ask how many of the children have learned to swim. Talk with the group about how it can be a fearful experience when one doesn’t know how to swim or is just learning to swim. See if the children know how to overcome a fear of water–by learning to swim. The more a person learns to swim and spends time swimming, the less he or she will be afraid. (You may want to warn the children not to try to teach themselves to swim.) Similarly, we are often afraid that God won’t answer our prayers, that He won’t protect us. Explain to the children that just as the more time spent swimming takes away fear of water, so the more time spent in prayer takes away the fear that God won’t protect us. Encourage the children to pray daily so that they will know that God will answer their prayers and that they don’t need to be afraid. Say a prayer of commitment with the children to pray to God each day and know that God will help and protect them.

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