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God’s protection (Blow paper into bottle)

Here is a simple, but intriguing object lesson that can be used to illustrate any story involving God’s protection. This is how I would apply it for ‘Daniel in the lion’s den’.

Take an empty narrow-necked bottle (this could represent the den). Place a small model of a man (representing Daniel) into the bottle. Draw a picture of a lion on a small piece of paper. (Alternatively, you could just write ‘Lion’ on your paper). Screw the paper up into a small ball. Hold your bottle in a horizontal position, and place the paper into it’s neck. Invite as many children as you wish to try and blow the paper into the bottle, thus representing the lion’s attempt to get to Daniel.

You will find that the children will be unable to blow the paper from the neck into the main body of the bottle! In fact the opposite will happen, and the paper will be propelled backwards right out of the bottle. The harder someone blows, the faster and further the paper will be propelled away from Daniel and the bottle.

Explanation. There is already air in your ’empty’ bottle, and when someone blows more air into the bottle (whilst attempting to blow the paper in), this will result in the air pressure inside the bottle now becoming higher than that outside – with the result that the paper is forced away from the bottle rather than into it.

by Maurice Sweetsur, http://objectlessons.blogspot.com/

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