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Thankful For Our Leaders

SUPPLIES: a leader’s guide, Bible, shape of a dove (may be cut from a piece of paper), a stack of craft materials

Ask the children if they knew that it is not easy to be a leader? Being a leader takes much work. Many times people argue with leader. Leaders have to solve many problems that they don’t always know how to solve. Express that a leader always needs God’s help to be a good leader. Use the objects to explain some of the work of a leader. Show the leader’s guide to briefly explain how a leader must study and learn a lesson. Use the Bible to represent how a leader must know God’s Word to be a good teacher and to act like Jesus. Show the dove. Tell how a dove is often used to talk about the Holy Spirit since we cannot see Him. A teacher must listen to the Holy Spirit to know how to be a good teacher and to solve problems. Show the stack of craft materials. Share how it takes much time to study, pray, and get ready for class by copying or cutting and gathering craft materials. A leader needs God’s help to get all that work done and still take care of their families, too. A leader needs God’s help in everything he or she does. Ask the children, after hearing how much a teacher needs God’s help, what they as students should do? Help them realize that they should be good students, pray for their leaders, and be thankful for their leaders. Help a few of the children to each say a prayer thanking God for their leaders.

Complete -Downloadable- Children’s Worship Services for Thanksgiving

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