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Bless God

Hold a small music box up so that all the children can see it. The music box makes a nice gift. Though it may look like a normal box, there is something special about the box. Open the box and let all of the children listen to the music play. Sing along with the music and show that you enjoy the music. Close the box for a moment, and then open it again. It’s a nice box, but it was made to be opened and the music played. That’s when the box is enjoyed most. Talk about the little metal bumps that make little metal bars chime as they move inside. Someone took a lot of time making the little box. God took time making the children. He takes pleasure in watching them grow and have fun. Each child is like the little music box. When they sing and worship God, it is like opening the music box. God enjoys hearing their worship. He likes it when they sing praises to Him. The music box is pretty, but it is even more enjoyable as it plays its music. God loves the children but enjoys it even more when they show Him their love by singing worship to Him.

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