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Jesus Came To Serve

SUPPLIES: Punch bowl, Punch, Ladle, Cups
Set up the punch bowl filled with punch. Line the cups in front of the bowl. Lay the ladle to the side. Show the empty cups to the children. To enjoy the punch, the cups must be filled. Ask how the cups can be filled. Use the ladle to serve the punch into the cups. Explain that the cups can represent the children. Just as the cups must be filled to enjoy the punch, the children’s lives must be filled with good things from God to enjoy life. Jesus is like the ladle. Just as the ladle is used to serve the punch, Jesus came to earth to serve others. Give an example of how Jesus serves while filling each cup. Jesus serves the children by forgiving their sin, healing them, teaching them, and helping them in many other ways. Jesus came to earth to serve others. He came so that the children’s lives will be filled and they will enjoy life. It is important that the children allow Jesus to serve them and fill their lives. Pass out the cups and enjoy the punch.

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