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SUPPLIES: Toolbox, hammer, wrench, screwdriver, screw
Pick up the toolbox and set it where everyone can see. Ask the children what kind of box it is and what might be inside. As you open the box, ask the children to name several tools. Tools come in many shapes and sizes. Ask the children what they would use to put a nail into a board. Pick up the hammer and show it to the children. Then pick up the wrench. You would use a wrench to tighten bolts. Show the children the screw. A screw is very similar to a nail. It is used to hold things together. You do not use a hammer with a screw. Ask the children what they should use with a screw. The screwdriver is used with screws. All of the items in the box are tools. Though they look very different and have different jobs. It is the same way in every family. A family has many people in it and God makes each person in a family is different. Every person in that family is still a part of that family, even though they are different. And each person is important to the family. Begin putting the tools back into the toolbox. The hammer might be the father in this family. The wrench may be the mother. The screwdriver may be the son. And the screw the baby sister. They all look different, but they all belong to the same family.


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