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God Knows

SUPPLIES: Magnifying glass, telescope, eyeglasses
Show the different items and have the children tell what they are. Demonstrate how the magnifying glass enlarges objects so they can see them more easily. A doctor may use a magnifying glass to look at a cut. Demonstrate how the telescope helps them to see things that are far, far away. An astronomer may use the telescope to study the stars. Tell how some people wear glasses to help them to see better. A person may need to use many different tools like these to help them see. God does not need to use these tools. God sees everything. The Bible says that God is everywhere all of the time. That tells the children that God sees everything everywhere all of the time. They can know that God sees them all of the time, no matter where they are or what they are doing. God sees them. He even sees how they are feeling. Since God knows everything that is happening in the lives of the children, He can and will meet their needs. He knows exactly what they need, because He is always watching over them.

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