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God Protects

SUPPLIES: Hard eyeglass case, eyeglasses
Refer to the eyeglasses mentioned last week. Eyeglasses are very important to people. They help people see better. Obviously, a person who wears eyeglasses wants to take good care of them. Have the children hold a finger up in front of one eye. Ask them if they would like to have to look at everything with something in front of their eye like that. It would become very irritating. That’s what it would be like if a child wore eyeglasses and they got a really big scratch on the lens. Show the eyeglass case. Some people use cases just like this one to protect their glasses. Put the glasses into the case and drop them on the floor. Ask the children if they think the glasses got scratched. Pick up the glass case and toss it against the wall. Ask the children if they think the glasses got scratched then. Open the case and show that the glasses were protected from harm. Ask the children if they would like to have something protect them from getting scratched, bruised, or hurt. All of us will get scratched or bruised at sometime, but there is someone who protects us. God protects us. Most of the time, the children may not even realize that God is protecting them. They may fall off of their bike and get bruised, but God may have protected them from breaking their arm. God is like the protective case. If we know that we will be going on a trip, we can pray to God and He will protect us. It’s kind of like climbing into a giant protective case. The children can always talk to God and know that He is protecting them.

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