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Salvation Explanation

SUPPLIES: Pendulum clock
Hang or set the clock where the pendulum will swing freely. A pendulum clock is a very special clock. Most clocks used to be made like this. Hold the pendulum to one side. Ask the children what will happen when you let the pendulum go. The pendulum will swing to one side and then back again. A long time ago people found that the motion of a balanced pendulum was dependable. It would make the clock keep right time. Grab the pendulum again. Ask the children what will happen when you let the pendulum go this time. Let it go and watch as it does exactly the same thing again. Hold the pendulum and do the same thing several times. Soon you will discover that the pendulum is dependable. It will always swing to one side and then back again. Explain to the children that sometimes things are not as dependable. But there are things that the children can count on. They know that the sun will come up each morning. They know that the gravity will hold things down to the ground. The children can also know that when they ask Jesus to forgive them of their sins, He will and He will save them. Grab the pendulum and let it swing. As it goes to one side, say, "If you ask Jesus". As it goes to the other side, say, "He will forgive." Continue to say these over and over as the pendulum swings back and forth. The children can depend on Jesus to be there. They can be sure that when they ask Him to forgive them that He will. Nothing will ever change that. He is even more dependable than the pendulum that always does the exact same thing every time.

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