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Memorable Balloon Story of Jonah and the Fish. (Preschool)


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You will need:
« One round balloon
« One tail fin
« Two side fins
« Two small paper men (one to put inside the balloon and one to use for storytelling)
« Sticky tape
« Permanent marker

Put the paper man inside the balloon and blow it up.

Use sticky tape and fix the two fins to the sides and the tail fin to the back of the balloon. Draw eyes and a mouth on the balloon with a permanent marker. Now you have a fish with Jonah inside. You can tell the story to the kids using the fish and a second paper man. Let the fish swallow Jonah. (Hold the second man in your hand and let the fish come near. Draw the kid’s attention to the fish and show them that Jonah is inside the fish. Put the second man in your pocket.) To get Jonah out, pop the balloon with a pin. Believe me, this is a story none of the kids will forget. They can even make their own fish to take home and this way they can minister to mom and dad at home. Only give them one Jonah to put inside their balloon Fish.

Good luck and God Bless

Kenny Killian Deo Dunamis

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  1. Kathryn says:

    My preschool kids just loved this!

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