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Jesus Loves All

SUPPLIES: Different types of cookies
Talk about things that the children like, i.e. clothes, TV shows, games, desserts, etc. Most children like cookies. Show the different types of cookies. There are many different types of cookies. Some have nuts, some have fruit, some have chocolate, and others have cream filling. Children like all kinds of cookies. In fact, cookies are a child’s favorite snack. Compare the cookies to children. There are many different types of children who live in many different parts of the world. Have the children name different places children live. Jesus loves all kinds of people. When Jesus was on earth, He was a friend to the children. He said to let the children come to Him. Jesus loves each child. It doesn’t matter where they live or what they look like, Jesus loves them. That means that Jesus loves each child in the BG clubs. With all the BG clubs all over, Jesus loves all of the children in every club. Pass out the cookies to eat. As the children eat the cookies, remind them that just as children love all kinds of cookies, Jesus loves all kinds of children. Jesus loves each of them.

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