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SUPPLIES: alarm clock
Set the time for the alarm to go off to be in 2 minutes. Show the children the time the alarm is set for, but do not set the alarm so that it will actually go off. Ask the children when they set their alarms for at their homes. Give some other examples for setting an alarm, i.e. cooking, meeting, ball practice, etc… By this time, the alarm should have gone off, but it did not. Explain that you have to depend on this alarm clock. You expected it to work properly and do what it was supposed to do. It let you down and did not work. That means the alarm clock is unreliable. It will have to be thrown away. When the children ask Jesus to forgive them of their sins, they are also saying that they will obey God and His Holy Word. God expects them to be obedient. When they are not obedient, they are like the alarm clock. They are not reliable to God. God wants the children to be obedient. He has forgiven their sins and expects them to be obedient. God wants the children to be reliable. He wants to know that He can count on them to always do their very best to follow His Word and serve Him.

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