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Following Directions

SUPPLIES: a model with directions
Show the picture of the model. Putting a model together takes a lot of work. Ask the children to look at all of the small pieces. Show one of the small pieces and ask if they can tell you where it goes. Show the directions. The directions explain where every piece goes. Without the directions, a person could not put the model together. Ask the children anyone has ever been mean to them. Ask the children if they have ever met someone they did not know. Tell the children that it is hard to love someone they do not know, or someone that is not nice to them. But the children can love those people. God has already shown them how to love others. The Bible is like the directions for the model. The directions for the model shows the children how to put it together. The Bible shows the children how they can love others. God wants the children to love others. He wants them to even love their enemies. Without God showing them how, the children could not do that. God knew that He must show the children how they can love others.

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