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Good Eggs, Bad Eggs

SUPPLIES: two eggs
NOTE TO THE TEACHER: At least a week ahead, draw a frown on an egg and let it set out to rotten. Draw a smile on an egg and keep it fresh.
Tell the children about the expression, "He’s a good egg." It means that the person is an overall good person and tries to do what is right. Show the two eggs to the children. Ask them if they can tell which is the good egg and which is the bad egg. Tell the children that one of the eggs shares and the other does not. The egg with the frown never wanted to share his carton with any other eggs. He wanted the carton all for himself. The good egg was the egg that always shared with the other eggs. Ask the children which egg they would want to be like. God wants them to be like the good egg. God wants them to share with others. When the children share with others, it pleases God and makes Him happy. Crack open the good egg. The good egg looks fresh and would be great to use to make a cake. Crack open the rotten bad egg. Have the children take a deep sniff. The bad egg is bad all the way through. There is nothing about that egg that pleases the children or makes them happy. That is what people are like to God when they do not share. God wants the children to share and be like the good egg.

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