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God is With Us

SUPPLIES: 9" balloon
Show the children the balloon. Ask how many children like balloons. Show the lifeless, limp balloon. Explain that balloons are not much fun unless they are blown up. Look at the balloon and say, "Okay, Mr. Balloon, we want to have some fun, so blow up." Tell the children that you don’t think the balloon is paying attention. Ask the children if they have any suggestions. When one of the children says something that suggests that you blow up the balloon, say something like, "You mean that a balloon needs help to blow up?" Blow up just a little of the balloon, while pretending that you are putting a lot of effort into it. Tell the children that you could use their help. Have them take a deep breath and hold it. Then everyone in the room should blow together as you blow up the balloon. Do not blow up the balloon all at once. Have the children help you with several blows. Now that the balloon is blown up, talk about how the balloon could blow up itself, just like we cannot grow up by ourselves. The children need God’s help as they grow. Just as the balloon needed help to grow bigger, God will help the children to grow big. He will also help the children to learn as they grow.

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