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SUPPLIES: old bird’s nest
Pass the nest around for the children to see. Talk about how the birds carefully make the nest and place it up in a tree to keep the baby birds safe. After the eggs are in the nest, the parent birds are never too far away. If the children watch a nest of baby birds, they will see that either the mother or father bird will stay close by the nest while the other parent goes for food. If an animal gets close to the nest, the baby birds will begin to squawk. The parent bird will attack and lead the animal away from the nest to save the baby birds. The children already know that God is always with them. He is never too far away to hear their prayers. If they are ever in trouble or need, they can call out to Him like the baby birds call out to their mother and He will come to meet their need. God always hears their prayers. He will always be close by to answer them.

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