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Worshipping God

SUPPLIES: picture of an animal
Display the picture and ask the children what the animal is. (A giraffe will be used as an example.) Ask the children to tell you by looking at the picture what a giraffe is like? Answers should be things such as: long legs, long neck, spotted, long legs, and pointy ears. Compliment the children on their answers. Then ask them, though you don’t have a picture, to tell what God is like. Answers should be things such as: kind, loving, forgiving, gentle, patient, strong, and helpful. Also help the children to come up with comments about God as their healer, protector, etc. Again compliment the group on their answers. Express to the children that what they did, talking about what God is like, is what we call worship. Everyday when we pray we should talk to God about what He is like–talk to Him about being kind, loving, strong. Then ask the children if they are glad that God is kind, loving, forgiving and if they are glad that He heals and protects them. Mention that another part of worshipping God is telling Him how glad or thankful they are that He is kind and strong and loving. Stress that they can talk to God everyday about what He is like, just as they did a few minutes ago and then thank Him for being that way. Then tell the children that they can also sing to God. Sing two short choruses, one of thankfulness (such as "Thank You, Lord, for Saving My Soul") and one that tells what God is like (such as "God is so Good"). End by leading in a prayer mentioning some of the ways God is like and thanking Him for being that way.


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