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Say ‘Yes’ to What God Asks

SUPPLIES: large stick, rock, feather, pencil
Place the large stick on the edge of a desk. Tell the children the old adage, "It’s as easy as falling off a log." Talk about how difficult it is to walk across a log. Almost everyone will fall off. That’s what the old saying means. The stick will be an example of a log. To show how easy it is to fall off a log, pull out the different items and place them on the stick one at a time. Be sure to stand the feather and pencil up so that they will fall. The rock is strong, solid, and heavy and it will fall off. The feather is light and fluffy and it will fall off. The pencil is medium weight and sturdy and it will fall off. Everything can fall, because everything is being pulled down by gravity. Have the children to jump up into the air. All of the children came right back down, because gravity was pulling down on them. If they were on a log, they would most likely fall off. Just like everything and everyone can easily fall off the log, everyone can say "Yes" to God. A child can say "Yes" to receive forgiveness. A child can say "Yes" to obey God’s word. Even if God asks a child to do something very difficult, that child can say "Yes". When children say "Yes" to God, God will help them to do or say whatever He has asked them.

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