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God Hears

SUPPLIES: a baby monitor, a pen, a notepad

Have an adult worker with the pen, notepad, and receiving end of the baby monitor in a nearby room. Put the baby’s end of the monitor near you, but out of sight, under a jacket or something. Tell the children that you are going to be praying to God for help today. Ask them to tell you things that they want to pray to God about. As you call on a child, clearly say his or her name. After the child says the request, repeat it. (Such as: Ashley wants us to pray for her mom’s cold to go away.) When the requests are done, make a finalizing statement that your co-leader is aware of, such as "Okay, that finishes up the requests." The worker, who has written down the prayer requests on the notepad, should enter from the other room. Say to your co-leader that the children were just mentioning prayer requests. The co-leader should respond by saying that he realized that, and begin mentioning the children’s requests. He should say as many as possible without reading them, only reading the ones he can’t remember. Exclaim with amazement to the children that "co-leader’s name" heard all their prayer requests. Then let the children in on the secret of the baby monitor. Explain that just as your co-leader heard their requests, so God hears their requests and everything else they talk about when they pray, but He doesn’t need a baby monitor. Express how much they can appreciate that God always hears their prayers; He doesn’t ignore them, or forget about them, or get too busy. Assure the children that God is listening right now. Encourage each child to pray to Jesus right now about anything they want Him to listen to.

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