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Where He Leads I Will Follow

SUPPLIES: paper road signs, map
NOTE TO THE TEACHER: Ahead of time, make several signs in the shape of common road signs. Write the following phrases on them: "TURN LEFT NOW"; "STOP AND PRAY"; "SIT QUIETLY AND LISTEN"; and "STAND AND SHOUT ‘AMEN’."
Have the children tell who drove them to the meeting. Have them tell of some of the signs and lights that are on the road, i.e. stop sign, green light. The signs and lights are there to lead the driver as they drive. Ask the children if they know of something else that helps people find their way from one place to another. Show them a map. The directions on a map help to lead a person. Hold up the "Turn Left Now" sign and have the children follow what it says. That was an easy direction for the children to follow. It’s easy to follow road signs. But sometime, the children will need a different kind of direction. They will need directions to serve God. God leads us. Have the children follow the directions on the remaining signs. God will lead the children if they allow Him. If they let Him, God will help them to know when they should stop and pray, or sit quietly and listen to His voice, or shout out loud and praise Him. God wants to lead the children. God will be their leader if they let Him.

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