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Hide Jesus

Supplies Needed: 5 different colored envelops, letters to spell out Jesus loves you and me (I used 2" letters from a teacher supply store), tape, posterboard (contrastiong color to the letters), glue sticks, and decorations to fancy up the poster you will make.

Directions: For time sake it is best to pre-glue the words "loves you and me" to the posterboard and leave enough room at the top to insert Jesus. Place the letters that spell Jesus in the different envelopes (one per envelope). Hide the sealed envelopes around your room using the tape (I made sure to hide at least one in plain sight and that was the hardest found). Introduce the object lesson using any of the many Scriptures on God seeking us. Have children the seek the envelopes (this is the funnest part). After words have each child who found a envelope open it and glue the letter in the right place (you should do this if you are working with very young ones who don’t know how to spell yet). After words make sure that you connect the truth "Jesus loves you and me" with how He seeks and saves the lost and how He is seeking to be in an intimate relationship with each and everyone of the children.

In His Holy Name,

Melissa Ezra

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