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The Christmas Tree

If you have a decorated Christmas tree in your classroom, you can use it as an object lesson to teach some important Christian truths. If not, a picture of a Christmas tree would suffice.

The tree. This reminds us of our sin. Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil in the Garden of Eden, and Jesus died on a tree to take away our sins.

The point. This points heavenwards, reminding us that Jesus came from heaven to be our Saviour.

The Angel. Reminds us that it was an Angel that brought the first Christmas message to some Shepherds, Fear not, for I bring good tidings of great joy, for unto you is born a Saviour, Christ the Lord. (Luke 2.10,11).

The star. Reminds us that God sent a special star to guide the wise men to the baby Jesus.

The lights. Jesus came to give light to those in darkness, and guide us on our way to heaven.

The decorations. Remind us of the beauty of everlasting life obtained through faith in Jesus.

Depository for gifts. (Usually underneath the tree). Reminds us of the first and best Christmas gift – Jesus Christ, God’s gift to the world. We are also reminded that for any gift to benefit us, we need to receive it. If we don’t personally receive Jesus into our lives then, as far as we are concerned, He might as well never have come to earth.

by Maurice Sweetsur, http://objectlessons.blogspot.com/

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