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What Will Burn and What Will Not

I did this object lesson with my children’s church group last Sunday and was surprised at the reaction from the kids. I had to clear containers of water and asked the kids to pretend that the water represents our test by fire. I put regular paper in one container closed the top and swriled it around to emphasize the fire of the test. Lo and behold it had survived the test of fire which represented the building materials of Gold, silver and precious stones. In the other container I place a same size sheet of dissolving paper and closed the top and swriled it around to represent the test of fire and lo and behold it had dissappeared, representing the effects of this test on wood, stubble or hay as a building material. I emphasized the foundation is Jesus but we need to watch what we build with. This is my first entry just found this to be a great idea when seeing the reaction from the kids Love to all Bro. Rod Myers

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