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Driving the Point Home

(You will need a piece of plywood at least 12×12,a picture of Jesus, and another picture the same size with the word anger or rage on it. Before class begins, place the Jesus photo onto the plywood centered, and the anger on top of it. Use some way of standing it up)(You will also need a hammer and enough nails for every kid in the class to have their own)

Start by getting the kids stirred up about all the times their parents have made them mad when they were told to do something they didnt want to. Remind them of situations where kids at school have really frustrated them, and teachers have just made them upset in class. Just remind them of different times they wanted to yell or hit somebody. Now allow them one by one to come forward and allow those emotions to come out a little (just a little, because you know how kids are :)~ ). After each one has driven their nail into the picture of the word rage or anger. Read scripture relating to how our anger when we allow it to want to hurt someone is sin, and is against God. You can modify this devotion anyway you want, to suit your literature.

by Tim Gerst


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