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Straight and Crooked Roads

All you need for this illustration are a few sheets of newspaper.

Some newspapers are printed with the grain, and some against the grain. This means that if you hold a piece of newspaper vertically, and begin to tear strips from top to bottom, they will either come out very straight, or very ragged (despite your best efforts), depending on the way the grain is running.

Find two different newspapers which tear in opposite ways – this should be easy enough. You now have two sets of papers, which will look pretty much the same, but one tears straight, and one tears crooked. You are now ready to begin your lesson.

Proverbs 3.6. says In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.

We are all on a path through life, either a straight path which leads to God, or a crooked path which does not. Choose about eight volunteers. Give one half the first set of newspaper sheets, and the other half the second. Ask them to tear the sheets into strips from top to bottom as straight as they can. One set of volunteers will end up with straight strips of paper, and the other half with a big mess! You can then conclude with teaching on straight and crooked roads as appropriate.

by Maurice Sweetsur, http://objectlessons.blogspot.com/

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