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Giving To Missions Balloon Lesson

Truth: If we would give even our change to missions it would add up to dollars.

This balloon creation is used to show as a visual as you talk about how when we all give offerings for missions it adds up to alot for the missionaries.

This creation takes only 2 260’s I use the same color for both balloons. The color you use is up to you.

1. Blow first balloon up all the way and burp (let some air out). Then tie balloon.

2. For the other balloon do the same as above. You want both of the balloons just soft enough to do a couple twists.

3.Now make 7 inch bubble in one balloon and about the same in the other balloon twist them together.

4. Do the same to the other ends of the balloons to form what looks like the symbol for cents. (You want the C shape to be alittle off center. Notice graphic at bottom) Here is where you would talk bout giving our change to missionaries it would be great help because our money goes along way in other countries.

5. Now if would find the center point on the curve on the C shape balloon and on the other the balloon center ( notice graphic at bottom for center point for both balloons indicated by arrows) clasp together rotate two turns or so the C shape will be in the shape of $. Here is where you would talk about how all the change we give adds up to dollars for missionaries.  We have to just do our part and God will do the rest.


by Eric Dowden (Knock Knock the Clown)

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