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Life is Like a Box of Crayons (Back-to-School)

How many of you went school shopping? When I was a child I loved to go school shopping. The item that I loved to get every year was a brand new box of sharpened crayons. (Show the box of 8 crayons). My story today is about a box of crayons.

Once upon a time there were 8 crayons. They all lived together in a gold and green box. They pretty much minded their own business and didn’t pay much attention to each other. Until one day one of them said, I’m so blue and lonely. I’d really like to meet everyone in my box. (Show the blue crayon.)

He leaned over to the next crayon and said, You look bright and cheerful! What color are you? Well, I am the most important color, of course! I am the color of the sun. People would not get out of bed in the morning if it were not for me! (Show the yellow crayon).

The blue crayon moved to the next crayon. Hello! I just met Yellow. What color are you? I am the prettiest color in this box! I am the color of violets and pansies. My name is Purple!

The next crayon seemed to be having a wonderful time. She was smiling and happy and invited Blue to join her. Welcome! I’m Orange. I’m so glad to meet you! Blue felt very comfortable to be with Orange, but wanted to meet everyone else in his box.

The next crayon was very focused on the previous crayons. When Blue approached him, he began whining. Why do I have to be the color of grass on the ground? I want to be bright and shiny like Yellow. I want to be beautiful like Purple. And, Orange is so warm and inviting that everyone wants to be friends with her. Blue could tell this crayon was Green (with jealousy).

Blue moved on. The next crayon was hard at work. He could see the dirt under his nails and on his face. He introduced himself. Hi. I’m Blue. The crayon responded, I really don’t have time to talk. My name is Brown and I’m the only one who works around here!

The next crayon Blue encountered was lying down and seemed to be rather sleepy. Blue said, I’m sorry to wake you, but I’m trying to meet everyone in our box. The crayon yawned and said, Oh, that’s o.k. I am so tired. I’ve been out all night while everyone else was sleeping. Others hardly notice that I am the night sky. Could you turn out the lights, please?

Not wanting to disrupt Black, Blue moved on to the last crayon. Blue spoke, I’m Blue. You are the last crayon I have to meet. Red replied, So you met all the others, huh? I’m so important, I’m so pretty, I’m the only one that works, blah, blah, blah. I’m so tired hearing about everyone else, I just might leave this box!

Blue calls a meeting of all 8 crayons. I’m so glad to have met all of you! He looks at Yellow. You ARE important, but so is every other color. If everything were bright and yellow, we would all be wearing sunglasses!

He turns to Purple. Purple is a very beautiful color, but there are pretty Red roses, wonderful Orange butterflies, and Green grass in the spring.

Brown, you work very hard. Sometimes it helps to stop and take a break. Have a little fun!

Black, you may feel unnoticed but you are everywhere, and not just in the night sky. Your shadows may be hiding, but we still see you.

Looking next at Red, I know it’s hard to listen to everyone else’s problems. But we are all in this box together. Listen to your neighbor’s problems like they ARE your problems.

Blue’s meeting was successful! Soon the whole box was happy and humble, not jealous and resentful. They lived together in peace and harmony and gradually welcomed new, different colors. Soon they moved to a box of 16, 24, and an even happier 64! Even though there were many crayons, they were still one box!

From this story, we found that the crayons were so different, but had one purpose–to color!

We live in God’s great big world! And, we are so different! We can appreciated each others’ differences and all live here together in peace and harmony, like the crayons, because we are all children of God!

Let’s pray: Dear God, Thank you for your great big world. Thank you for making us different. Help us to live in peace and harmony. Amen.

by Amy Loftis


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