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Can You Hear Me Now? Good!

I’ve noticed lately that our microphones have not been working too great so I’ll begin with a sound check. I’m going to walk over here and ask a question and you answer yes or no. Walk halfway down the aisle and whisper, "Can you hear me now?" Say it a little louder. Then say it a third time a little louder until everyone says yes. Go to another place in the sanctuary and repeat. Go back to the front with children. Does that sound check remind you of anything? (A commercial on TV.) Show a cell phone. I like that commercial, don’t you? All that man does is take a few steps and asks, "Can you hear me now?" Why does he need to know that? Ask how many people own a phone at home and a cell phone. Ask how many people own a computer and have e-mail. "People are always looking for ways to communicate with each other. Here’s the good news! The only one that doesn’t need a phone, a pager, a cell phone, a computer, or e-mail is God. When you ask, ‘Can you hear me now?’ God always says yes! The best part is you don’t even have to ask. He hears you when you are on your way to school. He hears you when are playing. He hears you even when you aren’t speaking because he can hear what is in your heart! So just to be sure let’s all ask God if he can hear us. All together say ‘Can you hear us now, God?’" (Together: Can you hear us now, God?) Pause a few seconds and end with saying, "Good!"Let’s pray together:Dear God/hear our prayers/when we work/when we play/all the time./ Amen.

by Amy Loftis

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