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Be All You Can Be

Show popcorn kernel making the point that it is hard and not good for much but everything to be all it was meant to be was inside. What to do? "We are like the Popcorn kernel" Electric Popcorn popper on table respresenting a Church. I know, I’ll go to Church! Nothing happened. (Kids will usually yell to add oil) Add oil making point in the Bible oil means the Holy Spirit. But popcorn is still the same. (Kids usually yell to plug it in) Ahhhh need the power of the Holy Spirit. As popcorn popper heats up, say "something is happening, things are changing". When a popcorn pops, there goes Johnny becoming all God wants him to be. As popcorn pops, talk about fragrant aroma will draw people from everywhere. We are a fragrant aroma for God helping to draw people to God. Add salt and how we are the salt of the earth.

by Kelly Wilhelmi

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