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Sweet Sweet Cooperation

3 Kids, 1 pitcher of GOOD lemonade, wooden spoon, pure lemon juice, fresh water, real sugar, 3 blindfolds.

Talking about the Body of Christ is something most kids have heard over and over and they don’t really understand even though they could spit out the scripture on command! Start by asking kids to be in a lemonade tasting contest. Read the passage about the Body of Christ in 1Corinthians 12. Bring up 3 kids and blind fold them, tell them you are going to have a lemonade tasting contest. Let the first one taste a spoonful of lemon juice, then ask how that was (like the look on their face won’t show it). Then say what was wrong with it, it was lemon juice and isn’t that an ingredient in lemonade? Next let the 2nd child taste a small amount of pure sugar..this won’t be liquid, then ask them the same questions, next the 3rd child, let them taste just water, ask them the same questions, then take off the blind folds and ask them all what could have made it better. The lemon juice was too sour,the sugar too sweet and the water too bland…But if we put them all together, (have some already made, the real stuff) here try this….they will all like it much better. This is like the Body of Christ. We are very different, all of us, but put together we are a winning team! Christ is the spoon that mixes us all together, the church is like this pitcher that keeps all in the same place, and we are the ingredients which makes this a wonderful combination!

by Michelle Musselwhite

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  1. JP says:

    I like this one. Will use it as part of my worship in my kindergarten class.

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