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Ascension of Jesus

The ascension of Jesus really came home to me as a teacher and also to my second-graders as we did this activity. Following a brief discussion of the preceding events, I gave each of the children a white, helium filled balloon. Using permanent markers (watercolor markers smear), each wrote Jesus’ name on his/her balloon. Some children chose to draw a picture of Jesus.

Then we took the balloons outside. I read from Acts 1:8-11. Next I told them to let their balloons go. They did not want to! We talked about how the disciples must have hated to let Jesus go–how they wanted to hold on tight to Him. Finally everyone was persuaded to let their balloons go. Then we looked up into the sky, watching until we could not see them anymore. And then we were able to discuss how the apostles watched Jesus go until they could see Him no more. We also talked about the angels’ promise–that Jesus would return.

by Raleen Sloan

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  1. Irina says:

    I am teaching a lesson on Ascension and this is a GREAT idea! I will definitly try this wilth my class. Thank you!

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