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How’s Your Heart?


1 Hard Boiled Egg with a frowny face drawn on it.

1 Soft boiled egg with a smiley face drawn on it

Choose 2 children from the group and say

I have 2 eggs here, one is Mister Grumpy. How many of you are a frowny mister grumpy? You think your parents are mean to you, the teacher is mean to you. You get mad and STAY mad at your brother or sister. You get mad and STAY mad at your parents. Well Mister Grumpy here is the same way. He lets satan pull him around in circles, lets satan spin him around and around. Give the hard boiled egg to one of the children and have them spin it. Look at that! It spins around like a top. (give a slight pause) You know who this egg reminds me of? The Tasmanian Devil! What happens when Taz gets angry? Wait for response that he spins around. That’s right he spins around like this egg. Because anger makes our hearts hard and unbreakable like this egg.

Give the other child the egg with the smiley face on it. Say Be gentle with this egg. It has a soft heart because it’s full of Jesus’s love and forgiveness. It doesn’t spin around crazily because satan doesn’t live here. Direct child to spin the egg….it won’t spin, just wobbles crazily. See no spinning. Let’s say a prayer for soft hearts.

Pray Dear God help us to have soft hearts full of your love. Amen

by Melissa Murphy

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