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Box of Sin

Have a decorated box large enough for 2 people to stand in like a box a range came in. Decorate it with pictures of things associated with sin or words associated with sin, make it colorful and appealing. On the front of the box write Sin in huge, bold letters. Write other words like peer pressure, skipping school, sneaking into ‘R’ rated movies, etc….all over the box.

You’ll need 5 clowns. The first clown is standing in the box holding a pretty wrapped package (representing sin) when the second clown walks by the box, stops, inspects the box she’s standing in all the way around, oohing and ahhing over all the pretty pictures. Clown 1 summons the second clown to come closer and offers him her present. He refuses pointing at the word sin, shakes his head and starts to walk away.

She makes ‘puppy dog eyes’ at him and waves invitingly to her box if he’ll just step in with her. He comes back and she points to a picture on the box she stands in and grins really big. He steps one foot in like he’s testing the water and shivers, withdraws, then puts his foot all the way in gives an ecstatic happy motion, then steps all the way in.

The first clown hands him the box, which is empty (empty promises of sin) then she leaves him there, taking her box with her, looking for her next victim. Clown 2 tries everything from jumping out of the box, but can’t his feet are stuck! to trying to turn the box over to hopping around, box and all.

A third clown walks by with a walkman on dancing around. Clown 2 tries desperately to get his attention. He waves dismissively and continues on his way. Clown 4 walks by carrying a Bible. Clown 2 grabs her and begs for help, motioning wildly at the Sin he’s stuck in, she motions that she’s too busy reading her Bible to help him and walks away. Clown 5 enters also carrying a Bible. Clown 2 grabs her and begs for help. She walks around the box trying to figure a way out for him stopping to rub her chin every so often, trying to pull him free from the box a time or two but he’s really stuck. THEN she sees the word SIN on the box. She opens her Bible and reads John 3:16 with him, they pray, he takes her hand and steps out of the box..freed from sin by a simple prayer for forgiveness.

by Melissa Murphy

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