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Let’s Work Together in God’s Strength

Have a large blanket or comforter on the floor and select two volunteers to grab hold of the corners (front left and front right). Then have several children sit on the blanket to represent the task at hand. (Moving the blanket across the floor.)

One child decides that it would be best to go toward the right, but the other child thinks they should go toward the left so have them pull in opposite directions. This will illustrate that by not cooperating the job won’t get done.

Hopefully by now they realize they should be pulling in the same direction. Have them begin to pull the blanket forward. Depending upon how many children are on the blanket they should be able to pull it along slowly but with great effort.

Then have an adult that will represent God (preferably someone with a lot of strength) grab hold of the blanket between the children and pull the comforter along with the two children. It should move swiftly across the floor.

This will illustrate that if we rely on the strength of the Lord, God will bless our efforts.

by Tonya S

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